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 Neighborhood, Homeowner's Association and Higher Property Values

by Angelita Faller  (reprinted from Daily Record, May 7-13, 2018) 


  Homeowners in the Little Rock area who are looking for a long-term return on their investment should look for neighborhoods with a neighborhood or homeowner's association, according to a study by a University of Arkansas at Little Rock professor.

Dr. Micheael Craw, associate professor of public administration, published an article that explored the correlation between the presence of a neighborhood or homeowner's association and an increase in property values within those neighborhoods. "One of the big questions I have been pursuing the past few years is understanding why some neighborhoods remain stable over time and why some shift, resulting in declining property values and decreased populations," Craw said.

Craw was recently awarded the William E. Mosher and Frederick C, Mosher Award for his article, "Institutional Analysis of Nieghborhood Collective Action". The Mosher and Mosher award is presented to authors of the best Public Administration Review article by an academic during the year.

During the study, Craw examined data from the Pulaski County Assessor's Office that covered approximately 50,000 single family home sales in Little Rock from 2000 to 2016. The study controlled for individual characteristics of the home, including lot size, income level of neighborhood residents, ethnicity and other factors.

Craw found that the presence of a neighborhood and/or homeowner's association has a positive effect on the stability of the neighborhood.

"If you have a neighborhood association, there is a mechanism by which you can address changes happening in the neighborhood that might be undesirable", Craw said. "Organizations that are active help to make neighborhoods more resilient to things like crime and blight that make property values go down. They can oppose new buildings that impose hardship on the neighborhood".

University District, which includes neighborhoods surrounding the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, serves as an example of a group of neighborhood associations that are making a positive impact on the community.

Barrett Allen, director of University District, said the district is involved in several projects to improve quality of life for the residents of University District. These initiatives involve rehabing and building new affordable homes, building sidewalks, starting neighborhood associations and improving homes occupied by elderly and disadvantaged homeowners through the Special Needs Assistance Program. As part of a healthy living initiative, University District holds wellness fairs, farmers markets, cooking classes and a community garden.

Residents who live in neighborhoods with a neighborhood or homeowner's association are more likely to stay in their homes and try to improve the neighborhood, rather than move away.

"There is value that comes with having a neighborhood association", Craw said. "This study shows that the things we do to try to make neighborhoods better actually have an effect. It informs the city, since higher property values mean higher taxes and better services for the city".

Victor Turner, director of Little Rock's Housing and Neighborhood Programs Department, said that the City of Little Rock uses Craw's research to encourage neighborhood associations in the city to stay active. Little Rock will also use the data in future planning of a Sister Neighborhood Program in which thriving neighborhoods lend support to neighborhoods that are struggling.

Source: UA Little Rock Office of Communications




Report to Membership                                     September 18, 2018



Priddy & Holifield prepared the financial reports for the Association for the year 2017. (Copies are available.)

Capital Improvements & Facility Maintenance

·      Installed New Park Playground Climbing Equipment

·      Pool repairs and refurbishing – Steps & Diving Stands & Lights

·      New Pool Chemical Controller

·      Parking Lot Striping

·      Replaced Mulch on the Trail play area – City of NLR provided the mulch

·      Lifeguard building repairs

·      Park & Trail Tree maintenance

·      Pool Lounge chairs purchased

·      Quickbooks 2018 upgrade


Coming Fall  and Spring - Pavilion landscaping & Pavilion Roof Addition



Lance Walters continues as our Pool Manager. We had 12 lifeguards return from 2017 and hired 9 additional guards.



The pool opened on Friday, May 25th of Memorial Day weekend and closed on Labor Day. The Health Department inspected the pool facility in May and all operations met approval. As required, daily records were kept on chemical readings throughout the swim season. 

Swim lessons were provided June 11th through June 14th. Approximately 60 children took advantage of these free lessons.

Our adult swim hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays continued this year. 


OPOA is a non-profit corporation: however, the Association does pay taxes on revenues brought in for the sale of concessions and vending. 2017 revenues were totally offset by expenses and depreciation and no taxes were owed.


Real Estate Taxes

Overbrook has one small greenbelt area that is subject to a special property assessments of $37. The remainder of Overbrook common property continues to be exempt from real estate taxes. 


Assessment Collections

Overbrook currently has 12 delinquent accounts. We have 2 lots in bankruptcy and 1 which has been foreclosed on. 14 Liens were placed on delinquent accounts and 5 accounts were tuned over to our attorney for collection. 2 properties are in estates and listed for sale. 



Christmas Party with Santa – Overbrook Pavilion December 2nd - We had another record crowd. A picture area was provided for pictures with Santa. (Thank you to Darren Brown for being our Santa.) Cookies, Hot Chocolate and the “The Grinch who Stole Christmas” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” movies were also provided for our neighbors to enjoy.


Easter Egg Hunt – Overbrook Pavilion – Saturday, March 24th - We had around 70 people in attendance. An Easter Bunny was present for pictures and the neighbors enjoyed punch and cookies. This year we added face painting and a bounce house to they were enjoyed by many. (Thank you to our Board member Carole Sroka for filling all of our Easter Eggs and winners baskets.)


Dive-In Family Night– Overbrook Pool – Friday, June 15th - We had around 60 neighbors and their children in attendance.  Popcorn, punch and lemonade were provided. Our fishy film was enjoyed by all.


Annual Pool Party - Our annual membership pool party was held on Saturday, July 28th. We had another record crowd in attendance. Larry’s pizza, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, drinks, watermelons, games and prizes were provided. If you did not attend you missed out on a lot of fun.


We continue to require updates concerning Property Owner Member information based on our recently updated guidelines. These updates help keep our data base current for membership communications. We use these to maintain our OPOA Facebook Page and membership emails list to provide better communication on neighborhoods events. These list are not shared.


2018 New Members – 59 new member packets have been delivered to date in 2018.